“Liza & Judy, Together Again”

Show Credits



-Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City, NJ                   (Sept, 2011)

-Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, NV                 (July 2010)

-Suncoast casino, Las Vegas, NV                       (April 2010)                 2 shows

-Harrah’s Casino, St-Louis, MO                           (May 2009)

-Suncoast Casino, Las Vegas, NV                       (April 2009)

Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City, NJ                     (March 2007)

Wheeling Downs Casino, WV                               (May 2005)

Foxwoods Casino, CT                                          (Nov. 2003)                  2 shows


-Quality Inn, Toms River, NJ                                 (Sept. 2011)

-Holiday Inn, Pittsburg, PA                                    (May, 2005)

-The Nevelle Grand, Catskills, NY                         (Nov. 2003)

-The Villa Roma. Catskills, NY                               (Nov. 2003)

-Newport Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, FL  (Jan. thru April 2003)                50 shows


-FIDM Fashion Show, Pasadena, CA                      (March 2010)              4 shows

-Westchester Broadway Theater, Elmsford, NY      (Oct. 2009)

-Mckinney Community Concerts, Mckinney, TX       (Oct. 2009)

-The Portage Theater, Chicago, IL                           (May 2009)

-The Westburry Theater, Long Island, NY                (Nov. 2008)

-The Starbright Theater, Las Vegas, NV                  (June 2008)

-The Players Theater, Sarasota, FL                         (July 2007)                  3 shows

-The Odium Theater, Greenwich, CT                       (Feb 2006)

-The Regency Theater, Boston, MA                         (Feb. 2006)                12 shows

-Stage West, Mississagua, ON, Canada                  (May 2005)

-Arcadia Theater, Windber, PA                                (May 2005)

-Warren Theater, Indianapolis, ID                            (April, 2005)

-Savannah Center Theater, Ocala, FL                     (March 2005)

-Pompano Civic Center, Pompano, FL                      (Feb. 2005)

-The Stranaham Theater, Toledo, OH                       (Feb. 2005)

-The Township Theater, FL                                       (Feb. 2005)

-McAllen Civic Center, McAllen, TX                          (Jan. 2005)

-The Huntington Theater,  Hungtington, FL               (Dec 2004)

-The Hoover Theater, Lakeside, OH                         (July 2004)

-Naples Dinner Theater, Naples, FL                          (June 2004)

-Legends Theater, Myrtle Beach, SC                        (Feb. thru May 2004)      96 shows

-Coral Springs Center of the Arts, Coral Springs, FL  (March 2004)

-N. Miami Beach Performing Arts , Miami Beach, FL  (Jan. 2004)

-Angel Cabaret Dinner Theater, New Port Richey, FL (June thru August 2003)  25 shows


-Nordic Empress, RCCL                                                  (Oct. 2003)


Veterans Parade,  Las Vegas, NV                                  (Nov.  2011)

San Gennaro Feast, Las Vegas, NV                               (May  2008)

City of Hope , Coral Springs Center, FL                          (Feb. 2003)

Pride Fest, Fort Lauderdale, FL                                      (March 2003)


-Sunrise Lakes, Fort Pierce, FL                                   (Dec. 2008)

-Wynmoor, Coconut Creek,  FL                                   (Dec. 2008)

-Century Village, Deerfield Beach, FL                         (Dec. 2008)

-Ponte Vecchio East, Boynton Beach, FL                    (Dec. 2008)

-Century Village, Pembroke Pines, FL                         (Dec. 2008)

-Century Village, West palm Beach, FL                        (Dec. 2008)

-Huntington Lakes, Delray Beach, FL                           (Dec. 2008)

-Century Village, Boca Raton, FL                                 (Dec. 2008)

-Sun City Center, Kings Point, FL                                 (Jan. 2008)

-Hoolybrook, Pembroke Pines, FL                                (Jan. 2006)

-Frenchman’s Creek, Jupiter, FL                                  (Jan. 2006)

-Admiral’s Cove, Jupiter, FL                                         (Jan. 2006)

-Century Village, Boca Raton, FL                                 (Feb. 2005)

-The Hemispheres, Hallandale, FL                               (Feb. 2005)

-New Port Richey jewish Center, New Port Richey, FL (Jan. 2004)

-Aberdeen East, Boynton beach, FL                             (Oct. 2003)

-Sunrise # 4, Boynton Beach, FL                                  (Dec 2003)


22 shows in Mesa, Sun City, Peoria, Pebble Creek, Tuscon and Yuma.  (Jan. 2010)